Wedding season? Graduation season? Let's go ahead and call it celebration season.

One of my favorite time's of year. I absolutely LOVE going to weddings. People I know well, people I don't. I just LOVE love. Sounds cheesy but I have said that since I was young and went to family weddings. The vows!? Dead on the spot. They just melt me. 


Or is it the dressing up part? I think its equal because TBH graduations are the most boring thing to attend but you get to dress up + hang out with people you love so they still get me excited. Two weeks ago I had Austins graduation + there was so much conversation about this dress I wore for it.

1. I am equally obsessed as you guys because it fit like a glove. 2. It was under $100. Need I even say more than that? 3. It was so comfortable + flattering.

Everything I need/want/love about a celebration dress. Therefore I am going to help y'all and round up dresses on dresses for your upcoming celebration season. Shoes, accessories, dresses... it's about to one stop celebration stop because I know celebration season is HARD for most people.


I am the girl who always wants something a little different, not TOO basic, but most importantly a GOOD FIT. Besides the dress though, SHOESSSSSSS.

There is nothing I hate more than a good dress on a girl at a celebration and then she half assed the shoes. Do not half ass the shoes! I repeat, do not half ass the shoe. Everything needs to come together in a cohesive look and you can get a shoe that will work all celebration season long. TRUST ME. 

Now, let's get to it. + seriously, e-mail me if you need help because I got you.



- Dresses Under $100 -

- More More More, Let's Celebrate -

- "Don't Half Ass The Shoes" -