AHH 2019. So basic of me, but I honestly love the fresh start that a New Year brings. The opportunity to set new goals and standards for yourself to live up to- hense New Year Resolutions. To be honest though, I’ve never been one for them. I’ve never written mine down or kept them going for longer than a month into the New Year but i’m determined to make this year different.

So in order to do so, I am sharing my resolutions with my online family to help hold myself accountable and maybe even inspire y’all to write down your resolutions, too.


Personal but mainly business this year, I have so many goals I want to set forth for myself in order to succeed and have something to strive for.

Let’s start with personal. I slightly gave you all who follow along on my stories a brief synopsis but there’s plenty more I am hoping to better myself with this year. I am determined to make this year my best, healthiest + mentally happiest year to date. That all begins with ME.

  1. Focus on my health

    Last year, for the first 6-7 months I was so good at this. My day wouldn’t feel complete without a workout. But slowly, I let work take control of me and I let fitness take the back burner. Let me start by telling you this has nothing to do with weight. I suffer from crazy anxiety and without taking an hour from my day to focus on myself a5 the gym, then the anxiety flourishes, I don’t sleep well at night and I’m constantly tired. I am a better person when I take the time to focus on myself- happier, more energy, and the anxiety diminishes! I want to take care of myself this year. It should be as simple as it sounds but I’m making sure to make it a priority. This will require planning out my day better and knowing the work (I distract myself vs going to the gym) can still get done even if I take an hour off in the mornings, first.


    Reading, work shops, anything to teach myself something about my trade, about being an entrepreneur, bettering my body, managing my money better- I want to LEARN. I want to learn it all! I am setting 2019 as my year to really get my career going and in order to do so I need to become more business minded. I want to turn off the music when I get in my car and turn on a podcast instead that teaches me something. I started this off last year but this year, I want to really focus on it.

  3. Take my career full time

    As most of you know, blogging isn’t my full time job. I work two other jobs meaning I basically work 7 days a week, all day long. I want to make blogging my full time job this year. And to do that I am going to need to work even harder than I work now. This is also where “learning more” comes into play, there are many things I need to learn to do in order to launch my career to the next level and make it my only form of income.

  4. Take days off

    Like I just said, I basically work 24-7 meaning I never put my phone down, I work at all hours of the day or night if someone needs me and I never take days for myself. This year I am going to take one day of the weekend for myself and vow to NOT work. Along with setting a time in the morning and at night for no phone. Say the first 30 minutes I wake up, I read while I drink my coffee instead of scrolling through my phone. As well as getting off my phone every night by 9 and taking a couple hours to really wind down before bed. This goal is going to be VERY hard for me because I am glued to my phone but I know it’s whats best to also conquer resolution one, of focusing on my health!

  5. Be more outgoing- JUST GO FOR IT

    I am such a sucker of getting in my own head and not doing the things I want to do! Take my blog for example. It took me so long to finally start it because I constantly thought I wasn’t good enough. And there are so many things I want to do with my blog and my instagram- IGTV’s, video content, more content creation, hosting events- and I know i’m capable of knocking all of these out of the park, if only I let that little voice out of my head. I always think that when I do these things, they need to be perfect but in reality- i’ll learn along the way. They’ll get better in time and I just need to accept that.


Keep in mind that New Year resolutions don’t have to be anything crazy- but they need to be attainable! Most people fail at keeping their resolutions because they try to go from 0-100 with them. Make sure that whatever you try to change in the New Year is within reach. Get goals for yourself that you’ve always wanted and have the means to accomplish this year that way you CAN succeed.

I would love to hear what resolutions y’all have set for yourself or if any of mine, inspired you! Here’s to 2019 being the best year, yet! I know that thanks to you, 2018 was amazing and 2019 is going to be even better.

xx, Kels

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