NYFW made me officially excited for fall. However, my bank account probably not so much! There are far too many trends I am obsessed with for this season and I can't wait to put my own spin on it for my own wardrobe. The street style from all the influencers attending Fashion Week is what really draws me in, seeing how they're pulling the runway styles into their day to day looks.

There's too many trends I'm into right now- so I'll start with just discussing the shoes. Fall boots and booties are what really get me going for the change in seasons.

The booties this year are crazy! I can't quite get on board with some of the looks because I can't wrap my head around spending hundreds of dollars on something I KNOW I won't wear past this season.

That being said, the three styles I am ALL ABOUT. White booties, military boots, and embellishments! I'll round up my top picks for y'all!