My apologies. I've been slacking on the blog posts lately and focusing solely on instagram lately but i'm going to change that, starting now!

I ran into Zara the other day trying to find an outfit for Austins graduation and it had been a hot minute since I had been in there. I forgot how obsessed I am with that store. To be honest, I shopped their non stop when I started blogging but when I got to be part of, (aka the easiest way every for y; all to shop my exact outfits) I couldn't link their products for you so I stopped shopping there. But that's about to change because it's so good. IT'S ALL SO GOOD. 

Seriously you can't find a more trendy, and ON TREND store RN at such an affordable price. I like being a little different (most of the time) and Zara works for so many people. Due to the abundant amount of cuteness (+ this CUTE AF romper!!!!) I am rounding up everything I am loving from this amaze tits company. right here. Right now. With direct links for you. Because I love you, so much.

Get this romper I'm wearing, and in the white because SO GOOD.