LET'S TALK DENIM. Needless to say, y'all know I'm a sucker. I basically LIVE in it. 

Non stretch, high waisted, distressed? The key words to my heart. 

Thankfully Topshop just killed the game with their newly released denim styles that meet ALL the requirements, plus some. Because did I mention, affordable AF too!? NO really- some of the styles start at only $65!

I've always been a fan of how on trend, yet timeless, Topshop's style is (hens why its one of my go to's time and time again) and they kept the standard just as high with these new denim styles. I love love when my go to denim fits amazing, the quality of non stretch denim is there AND doesn't break the bank. What more does a denim loving gal need!? 

These dad jeans stole my heart from the second I saw them. Never did I ever think something could replace my beloved Mom jeans, but we're here and it happened and we're talking about it. They're the HIGHER WAISTED, straight leg, relaxed fitting Dad Jean that quickly stole the show and the #1 place in my closet (Y'ALL, THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING) ... rigid and thick 100% non stretch denim, aka- the only thing I buy, and for $80? BRB... going to purchase all the colors.

Paired here with my forever favorite oversized denim jacket  (which I may or may not own 3 of in various denim shades)  to create the fan (and my) favorite, Canadian tuxedo. Throw on a graphic tee, like this embroidered girl and you can catch me living in it. There something so chic about high waisted jeans and a tucked in graphic tee and I am ALWAYS hear for it.

To top it all off... these boots. THESE DAMN BOOTS. If you follow on my stories, you know I basically keeled over in my grave over these ones. Meet, The Howdie Boot, aka the best white boot a girl could own. In with the western trend? SAY I. IIIIIII!! 

As always, let me know what you end up buying (check here for a coupon first!!) and tag me in your photos- I love seeing how you babes style everything!

xx Kels

* This post is in collaboration with Topshop and Stylinity