Another year older, another year closer to 30

 At least that's what everyone keeps saying, but I don't see it as a bad thing.

I feel like I know myself so much better than I knew myself last year or the year before that + every year keeps getting better. I owe part of this to the fact that I was extremely selfish this year.

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I took a lot more time for ME. I learned how to say NO. Two things that are so important to self happiness. You can't expect other people to love you + understand you if you don't love and understand yourself.

For starters, I work A LOT. Two jobs + my blog too, so when I finally have free time (rare, very rare) sometimes I just want ME time and I'm so thankful for those lifelong friends I've found through this crazy thing called life, that understood that and were still there every time I needed them. People in your life should understand and respect you taking the time to yourself + saying no to hanging out, I learned that this year and am so beyond proud of myself for being able to do this.

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While taking more time for me and being "selfish" I was able to learn what really makes me happy. I know what I like to do with my free time. I know its okay to work your ass off + have little "free time," as well. 26 was a damn good year to me and I only expect 27 to be better with this new mindset on life.

When I turned 26 I had decided I was going to start this blog, which was one of the scariest things for me. While blogging, you are so vulnerable. Continually posting photos of yourself, having people talk shit and not "getting it", thinking your just narcissistic... but with this, I came to realize who really cares about you. This may sound crazy but guess what? Enjoying what I do, loving myself and where I'm going in life (everything I took so much time on understanding about myself) just keeps me going + makes me so thankful for these past 27 years. 

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I woke up today with so much inspiration to fill the pages of this next year in my book. I've never been so confident in saying that I know this is going to be my best year yet. Another year with the love of my life by my side, diving even deeper into this blog I love so much, checking off my list of all the exciting things I want to accomplish!

With that being said... Happy birthday to me, I can't wait to share this next year with y'all, it's going to be GOOD. Mark my word.

xx, Kels

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