My all time favorite thing about warmer weather, tropical vacations and most importantly, living in California with Malibu right in my backyard, swimwear. It's important to feel your best, when wearing the least especially in PUBLIC. That's the logic I use when it comes to spending a couple hundred dollars on a bikini, a mere 6 inches of fabric. BUT I want to look good when I'm nearly naked, and these suites will do just the trick. The pretty penny you spend on them is WORTH IT.

Trust in me, I've got you.

The 2017 summer swim collections are all being released right now so I've gathered up all of my favorites to makes your life easier.

My other little secret to feeling your best in a bikini, is a spray tan & since y'all don't know too much about me yet, I'll share a few things.

One being that my entire life I have joked that I was dropped off by FedEx. I'm a big blend of different ethnicities but mainly Italian, and my entire family - e n t i r e family - has olive skin. Then I came along with strawberry blonde hair, fair skin and freckles grazing my cheeks as soon as I'm in the sun for 30 minutes. With that being said, I cake on the sunscreen while my sisters cake on the Maui Babe. But thats okay with me because I'm an anti wrinkle freak anyway, so spray tans are my best friend!

I know it's not just me that feels about 10 lbs lighter, leaner and more toned with a quick tan, RIGHT!? It's an instant confidence booster and sometimes we all just need that. I get tanned about every 10-12 days (when I'm not being lazy and rubbing Sally Hansen's airbrush legs on instead so I can throw on shorts without scaring everyone who comes in contact with me). A good hand airbrush is the way to go, but the heated mystic is the easiest (the heated part is very important! I hate their non heated booths with a passion) - I am all about not having to make an appointment somewhere, and I love the 'sun kissed' look it gives me when I do their light color!

I'll give better details on a later post, if y'all wanna know more seems a spray can be pretty scary if you don't know whats going on! You're not alone here people!